What are Totsox?

TOTSOX are Non Slip Socks for Playful Tots.

Specifically designed for babies & toddlers just starting to walk, up until 2 years of age.

Podiatrists all over the world recommend that while your babies feet are growing and developing it is best for babies  to wear soft soled footwear so they are able to feel the ground below their feet.

 This helps to increase nerve stimulation and muscle activation which other conventional shoes don't.

The molded non slip rubber designed for safety and traction on indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Pthaelate free rubber soles help to absorb the impact on joints and muscles while they are running around on hard floor. It also protects their little toes by wrapping up and over the top of the sock.

The sock is knitted from cotton/poly so is soft, durable and breathable.

They are also Machine Washable!!




Help to give your baby confidence and comfort when learning to walk.


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