About Us

My name is Bridgette McQuillan. Founder of TOTSOX.
After having my beautiful baby girl in 2012 I realized that returning to my stressful full time job in account management was not an option with a baby  and no family support in Australia, so knew I needed to find a home based business that I felt passionate about.
The initial seed of thought was planted for TOTSOX  when I moved into a house with hardwood floors and Indigo ( 9 months at the time ) was slipping  over constantly. Not only was it dangerous, but I felt it was hampering her development.I was given a pair of socks with rubber soles (a bit like slipper socks)by my sister in law and within a couple of times of wearing them I noticed a huge difference in her confidence. No more slipping and falling or hitting her head. We were both sold!!!!


However when she grew out of that size I couldn't find them anywhere. On my hunt I also noticed that there was a major lack of of safe indoor/outdoor shoes for pre-walker and early walker shoes on the market . I had so many comments from my mummy friends and random people when we were out and about, I decided I needed to source and design these for a parent like me.  Sharing this fantastic product with fellow mummies out there.This is where TOTSOX was born.
Pictures by Drummond House Photography: Picture on the left: Bridgette & Toren in the Dinosaur Photo shoot. Right : Bridgette's Daughter Indigo at 14 months modelling " Kitty Kat".