Fitting Guide

 I have three methods for you below. Once you have your measurement please compare with the chart at the bottom of the page.

We also recommend going up one size so you get the most use out of your TOTSOX because we all know how fast our tots feet can grow!!

** IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please note to measure bare feet only removing all socks and shoes before you start and all customers are solely responsible for the measurement of their child's feet and subsequent size selection based on the above chart.


Method 1)

To download and print off our PDF FILE  : TOTSOX FITTING GUIDE PDF



Method 2)

Using a tape measure or ruler measure your child's foot.

Measuring from the base of the heel to the tip of the big toe.  ( see diagram below)


Method 3)

Alternatively, please trace your child's foot into a piece of paper, then measure from heel to the tip of the big toe. ( see diagram below)

Got your measurement...GREAT..... now compare it with the chart below: